For the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about NOT running the Boring Marathon. I’m not firm on that thought, but I’ve been thinking about it.

It’s an incredibly busy time at work, my school work load is high, having both of my boys in the house adds additional work and I just don’t know if I can successfully pull off training properly to run in 2 months. I haven’t been running what a training plan says I should, and when I do get out there I just want to run and not think about my time, distance, etc. I just want to enjoy running for the sake of running.

But a part of me says fuck it. Just do it.

I had originally planned to run Portland because RunnerGirl wanted me to since she’ll be back to do it again. While I love Portland, I don’t love the Portland Marathon and I won’t be running it. It’s too expensive for me and it always rains when I run it and I’d hate to bring rain unnecessarily since it was perfect and beautiful running weather last year. Instead I’ll stand on the sidelines and cheer as she passes and then Blue Eyes and I will meet her and her husband at a bar to drink alcohol. It’ll be better than last year because I wasn’t drinking when they were here. It’s safe to say that is not what’s going on in my life this year and I’ll be about the beer.


My bestie and I live in the same town but have a hard time getting together with kid responsibilities, work, life. We try to get together once a month without fail and last night was the night. We hit McMenamins Roadhouse so I could get my hands on a bottle of their Sunflower IPA. I love Sunflowers and I love IPAs, so this beer was made for me. It’s only around for this month and it isn’t available on tap, only in the bottles AND they only had two bottles left. So I bought a bottle, but I drank something else while we were there.


After we left the Roadhouse we went to Sasquatch Brewing. Blue Eyes and I went to this place last week and had the BEST experience. The waiter was cool, the place was cool, we were there for a couple of hours during the late happy hour and really enjoyed ourselves. It was really pleasant. I couldn’t wait to go back. Sadly, aside from the fact that I was hanging out with my bestie, the experience last night sucked. The waitress was a bitch with a nasty attitude and the bartender was even worse. We still had a good time, because that’s what we do, but it really soured me on the place and I’m not sure when I’ll want to go back. We are not lacking in Breweries and Taprooms in this area so there is no need to revisit a place that left a poor taste in my mouth. The beer I had at Sasquatch was a 10.2% ABV. Kinda left me needing to go home.


So in addition to beer being a friend and just wanting to run for the sake of running, I’m debating the marathon.

This may sound weird. It sounds weird in my head. BUT I’m going to run long tomorrow, 17 or 18, and see how it feels. When I get back I’m going to go to a 7 a.m., Bikram class and meditate on how the long run felt and whether or not I should run Boring. I know. It’s weird, but I think the yoga in the hot-as-fuck-room will help clear my mind. And while truthfully I may not be able to think about the marathon as I’m in the room, my mind will be clear when I leave and I can contemplate it on the way home.

In other news…. I got my second tattoo. A sunflower. For those of you following along you know my first tat, a running chick, is on my left shoulder. That didn’t hurt really. I mean yeah, it hurt a little initially, but it didn’t really hurt. This one? Um, well, yeah. It hurt. A lot. Two days later and it still hurts, but I love it so much I don’t care about the pain. I love my tattoo artist and what she does — and this tat is fabulous.

Tat #2

So that’s what I’ve got going on.

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and the weather is great where you are. It’s fantastic here in the Pacific Northwest and I’m loving it.



Hello People!

Just popping in to say hello and post a kinda quick update –

Summer has arrived in the Pacific Northwest and it is quite simply beautiful.  While I am in love with the area in which I live and do not mind the rainy days, I am overjoyed when the sun pays us a long overdue visit and rejoice when it decides to stick around for a bit.  Portland, Oregon on a sunny day is undeniably exquisite!


I still can’t believe its July already though.

Summer started with the oldest having foot surgery.  He handled it well.


And even enjoyed and took advantage of the recovery period….


Cast is off now and he’s in a boot so its almost over.  Yes.  I’m happy about that. 
I’m getting my second tat on the 18th!  Woot woot!  I’m excited.  It was supposed to be done at the end of May but with my son’s birthday and my stepdaughters birthday at that time I could not afford to get it done. 

I’m signing up for another marathon because I know I can do better than I did a few weeks ago.  The Boring Marathon will be September14th and I’m pretty excited about it.  Its new, its small and its in Boring! 


Of course I need to pull my eating habits out of the toilet or I’ll find myself doing worse than Vancouver.  I also may need to end my relationship with IPA’s.  But only until after the run is done!

Going glamping with my girlfriends in a few weeks.  I don’t camp even though being outdoors is my favorite thing (next to sleeping) but I can glamp in s cabin with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances that sits right on the Metolious River with the best of them.


That’s the cabin we’re staying in.

One of my girlfriends insists I will put waders on and cast a fishing pole out into the river on this trip.  I think she is mistaken.  I will let you know who turns out to be right.

Blue Eyes’ 30th high school reunion is the weekend I’m glamping.  He’s a little disappointed I won’t be attending with him.  Honestly I think I am too.  But its not like we’re married….. Oh, wait.  Scratch that.

Overall summer is looking great! July is good.  August I turn 48.  September I run another Marathon and the kids go back to school.  Awesome summer stuff right there.

For now I will just enjoy the sun and try not to melt… This is me melting as I drove home on Monday.  It was 100 with no wind. 


Hope your summer plans are bright and happy…. 🙂

Wow, so I ran a marathon on Sunday.  Yesterday.

It’s still a little surreal that I did it.  And that’s a little freaky since it wasn’t my first marathon, it was my fifth.  I knew what I was doing, it wasn’t new territory and on top of that it wasn’t even a new marathon.  It was one I had run before.  Albeit 3 years ago.  When I ran it in 2011 it was my first marathon.  It was kind of scary then, I didn’t have any idea what to expect.  This year not only did I know what to expect, I was more familiar with the area since Blue Eyes lives in a town a stone’s throw from Vancouver and I’ve become quite familiar with it.

Friday before the marathon Blue Eyes and I drove to Eugene and packed a Uhaul with the boy’s stuff to move him home.


I didn’t pack, lift or carry.  I supervised, but the drive down and the drive back was tiring to an extent.  Not to mention I had spent the first three hours of the day in a Committee meeting that was BORING and drained me of any energy I might have otherwise had.  And since the Uhaul only had two seats I sat on a makeshift seat made of plastic bags filled with clothes on the way home.  Ow.  My butt was numb twenty minutes into the drive.

Saturday was supposed to be for resting, and for the most part it was.  I watched a couple of episodes of Orange is the New Black (okay, yes.  I’m addicted.  Thank God there are only two seasons).  I washed my hair.  I puttered around my house until it was time for me to go up to Blue Eye’s house.  Once I got up there we went to dinner.  I wanted something Asian.  Good chow mien would have made me happy.  The place we intended to go to for that turned out to have moved somewhere not convenient so instead we went to B.J.’s.  I’m on the fence about B.J.’s.  They have a good selection of beer, but since it was the night before a marathon I wasn’t drinking beer.  They have a ridiculously large book like menu that I’m always annoyed with by the time I get through it and realize there isn’t much for me to choose from since I’m a vegetarian.  That’s what happened so I ended up ordering a pasta dish that turned out to be yucky.  I was so disappointed it put an obvious damper on my otherwise happy mood.  I ate about a quarter of it and then I waited for Blue Eyes to finish his meal so we could leave.  Thing is, even though I didn’t eat much I wasn’t hungry.  So I didn’t eat anything else.

Mistake #1 – For the entire day of Saturday I ate 1 protein type bar, a banana, a blueberry bagel with jam and a quarter of a plate of angel hair pasta with some gross butter sauce on it.  That’s it.

Mistake # 2- Water consumption was nil on Friday and Saturday.  Thursday I drank over a gallon of water.  That was Thursday.  Friday I maybe had 8 ounces of water because we were driving back and forth from Eugene and I didn’t want to have to pee all the time, and then after we turned the Uhaul in Blue Eyes and I went to a local tap room and I drank a pint of beer.  8 ounces of water and 16 ounces of beer and I peed all freaking night.  I think I got up 8 times to pee on Friday night.  Saturday I never thought about the water, I was puttering, watching my show, washing my hair.  Not drinking water.  I think I drank maybe another 8 ounces all day and then at dinner I drank about 8 ounces while I waited for Blue Eyes to finish his meal.  That’s it.

Soooo those mistakes under my belt I slept well Saturday night and got up bright and early on Sunday.  I ate a banana and Blue Eyes drove me to Vancouver, walked me over to the starting line, stood and waited while I went potty, chatted with some of my running chick friends and then took a selfie with me.


Then he left me and I got ready to run.  Still excited.

They had three waves.  The fast people, the slow people who weren’t walking and the walkers.  I was in the second wave and I got behind the 5 hour pace group.  I kept telling myself to remember to just run a nice steady pace.  I didn’t want to get caught up in that frenzy when a marathon starts and start running hard.  I had 26.2 miles to go and I didn’t want to use up what I had in the first 3 miles.  Even going slow and comfortable I passed the 5 hour pace group and ran on.  I never looked behind me because that tends to stress me out.  I don’t want to know how many people are behind me, or not behind me.  I was listening to music so I couldn’t even hear people come up on me, which was also nice.  The first 12 or 13 miles are an out and back situation through an industrial area.  It’s pretty boring, but you turn around at this park on the river which is nice.  I would guess all the way out to the turn around is about 6.5 or 7 miles.  I’m not sure.  What I am sure of is that the first elite runners passed me coming back before I reached 5 miles.  Elites amaze me.  I don’t want to be one, but I certainly find them fascinating.

I took my headphones out before we reached the turn around so I could take a break and listen to my breathing.  When I did that I was able to tell that the 5 hour pace group was right behind me.  Not close enough for me to make out their conversation, but close enough for me to know it was them because it was a big group of people running, talking and laughing together.  I prepared for them to pass me, and they did, right when we came into the park.  I ran with them and every time I slowed down a little bit and they inched away from me I would make myself run faster just so I could catch up.  I played that game with myself for probably 3 miles.  But then I decided I really didn’t care that much.  I just wanted to enjoy the run, so I let them go.

I kept an eye on them, as well as the other people I’d been leap frogging from the beginning.  There was a tall black man who ran at a really nice, easy pace that I followed for awhile early on.  I liked his pace and I figured I could keep up with him.  I named him “Lurch” because he was so freaking tall.  When he got way ahead of me I could still see him because of his height.  He got really, really far ahead of me.  There was a man I named “B.O. Santa” because he had long gray hair and a really shaggy, really long gray beard and he was running without a shirt on (it was not attractive) and the first time he passed me the B.O. almost wiped me out.  I’m not judging him.  We were all out there running hard and I’m sure none of us smelled pretty, but this man smelled so bad when he passed me the first time I had to slow to a shuffle so he could get far enough away from me so I couldn’t smell him.  And then I watched other people react to him when he passed them.  Which made me feel not so bad.  There was a rather large woman who I didn’t name but we leap frogged each other a lot.  At one point she got really far ahead of me and I was sure I’d never see her again.  In fact all three of these people I was sure I would never see again at one point.  They seemed to be THAT far ahead of me.

Around mile 14 I drank a 5 hour energy drink.  I am not one who can handle caffeine so I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the drink, but I figured I’d give it a try and see what happened.  Worst thing that could have happened was I’d get a terrible headache and feel like crap for the remainder of the race.  What actually happened though is I felt instantly better than I had, even though I didn’t realize I didn’t feel that hot.  As I told Blue Eyes later, though, I’m not sure whether it was the drink or the fact that we were finally back into “town” and away from the industrial area and there is something about running through neighborhoods that makes me feel good about running.  It might have just been that, or it might have been the drink.  I’ll have to give it a go at my next marathon and see what happens.  After mile 14 I came upon and passed the large woman.  In fact when I passed her I felt so confident in my running I was sure I would not see her anymore.  I was right.

I caught up with B.O. Santa too and then we leap frogged some more.  I actually think he crossed the finish line before me, but for the last 10 miles we were pretty close.  I’d just hold my breath every time I passed him.

Everything was dandy, (even though I didn’t come upon the 5 hour pace group again), until I passed mile 16 or 17.  My calves started cramping up on me.  Not just a little.  It was the most excruciating pain I’d ever experienced and I continued to run with it until I almost fell.  I stretched out my calves and walked a little, and then ran.  Until they cramped up again.  It was the cycle.  It sucked.  At mile 18 I saw Lurch, which surprised me.  I hadn’t seen him for quite some time and I’d imagined he was uncatchable.  I saw him, I hurt, but I passed him and didn’t look back.  Never saw him again after that.  I love when that happens.

Blue Eyes stepped out at Mile 20 and I was thrilled to see him.  I fell into his arms and told him I was hurting and that I wanted to stop.  He totally ignored me and told me the 5 hour pace group had just passed not to long ago.  So I ran on.  The people running the half marathon started a couple hours after the full.  Actually I think someone told me they started at 10 a.m., we started at 7, so it was 3 hours.  Anyway, by the time I got to mile 20 I was amidst half marathoners who were walking.  Even though I was hurting it was a boost to my ego to pass so many people, even if they hadn’t come as far as I had.

The run/cramp up/walk cycle got old quick and I was kinda irritated.  I calculated in my mind that I would likely not beat my best marathon time, but I would definitely beat my time from the first time I ran the same course.

When I was less than half a mile from mile marker 26 I met a hill.  It wasn’t the worst hill I’d ever seen, but it was a hill and I was hurting.  I ran up some of it and walked up some of it.  At the top of the hill was a volunteer with a really deep loud voice.  He was saying things like “Come on Young People get up this hill!”  “You’re less than half a mile from the finish!”  He said a lot of things that I can’t remember, but hearing him made me laugh and he instantly became my favorite volunteer.  His chatter never stopped, he just kept repeating his six or seven phrases and when you reached the top he high fived you, hugged you or gave you some other form of encouragement.  I told him he was awesome as he gave me a high five and he thanked me.  Blue Eyes was standing there with him too.

Blue Eyes walked with me a ways and then told me I was really close and he would meet me at the finish.  I ran down a little hill and turned to see the mile 26 marker and the final stretch.  Lots of people were hollering and I started running a little faster.  OH MY GOD my calves hurt and I wanted to walk, but you can’t walk in the chute!  I kept a silent prayer going asking God to please not let my legs seize up and have me fall flat on my face until I crossed the finish.  As is generally the case, he did me one better and I managed to cross the finish, walk over and get my big-ass medal, a banana and some Sun Chips before I thought I would fall over.  Blue Eyes was there then and he massaged my calves for me for a good 10 minutes.  I love him.

I was a little disappointed because while I was sure I had beat my course PR, I was also sure I’d not beat my overall marathon PR.  I even told RunnerGirl that on Facebook when she asked if I’d gotten a PR.

Today as I was putting the information into my spreadsheet, however, I realized I was wrong.

I finished the course 10 minutes quicker than I’d finished three years ago, so that was right.  But I also finished 2 minutes better than my best marathon so while it’s not a huge PR, it is a PR all the same AND I honestly believe that had my calves behaved (or maybe had I drank some water, taken a salt tab, and eaten properly the day before) the outcome would have been much better.  No way to know for sure.  Guess I’ll just have to wait to see what happens at Portland.

post race

I can’t wait to see the photos from the race.  There were a ton of photographers out there so my odds are good for a decent picture.  🙂  We’ll see.  Anyway, even though today was a little difficult in the walking department, I feel good and I look forward to training for the next one.  After I take a week off, that is.

Take care people!!



I’m running a marathon on Sunday and as is usually the case (even though I tend to forget this during “training”) I am incredibly excited.  Regardless of the outcome I just love to run!

Training has been as good as it gets for me since I generally start out with a hard and fast plan and then tweak things and do whatever feels right for me.  I only ran one 20 and it kinda sucked but any distance can suck so it doesn’t worry me. 

Originally I was going to have to drive to Eugene and move the college boy home for the summer on Saturday.  That’s driving four hours round trip, lifting and packing heavy shit into a cargo van and then unpacking the same the day before running 26.2 miles the next day.  Blue Eyes called bullshit, however, and now he and I will drive down on Friday (he works on Saturday) afternoon and he and the boy will lift, load and unload as I supervise and then Saturday will be left for me to run a quick couple miles before I do nothing but rest my legs.


I ran this marathon three years ago.  It was my first.  I like to see improvement every time I run a marathon but I am especially hopeful for improvement at this one.

Bart Yasso was there the first year I ran it.  It was cool to hear him announce my name when I finished.  He’s scheduled to be here again this year.  I’m hoping to get him to sign my copy of his book on Saturday after one of his motivational talks.  I’m a Yasso fan.  🙂

I’m excited.

A great change from last time will, of course, be Blue Eyes at the finish.  Yay!


And the topper?  There is a brew fest going on in Esther Shore Park (where the race begins and ends) over the weekend.  Race participants get free entry.  I’m all about post race beer (and nachos).


So I think things are under control and I’m as ready as I’m going to be.  Let’s do this thing!



I ran my last long run on Sunday.  Twenty miles.  BOOM!  Well not quite “BOOM” it was more like sixteen miles of BOOM and four miles of pain and discomfort.  But I pushed through and made my 20. 

The weather threatened rain but that didn’t really concern me since this IS Oregon.  Wonderfully, however it was lovely at 4 a.m. when I started out and even lovelier when I got home at 8:10.  Four hours of running.  Or as Blue Eyes calls it “four hours of crazy.”.

Didn’t feel crazy when I started.  Twenty is my favorite distance.  But for your whatever reason….crappy nutrition, not enough sleep, my chi being off I fell off my wagon at mile 16. 

First off I had to use the bathroom, even though I had done so prior to leaving home, only five miles out.  That’s less than an hour and I had to GO.  This is a problem on a Sunday morning at 4:45 a.m.  When I finally got to a bathroom I was at 12 miles and I think that started to sour my mind. 

I ran on relieved at how much better I felt and then around mile 16  my legs started aching, my mind started doubting and I quit enjoying the run. 

I grumbled through it, and arrived home 4 hours and 8 minutes after I started. I was pissed.  4:08?! Seriously.  That’s my worst ever 20 mile time.

I bristled for awhile wondering what the hell I was thinking when I signed up for this marathon and then…. later that day I heard my 15 year old son tell his friend I was ” bad ass” since I ran 20 miles and then came home and lifted for an hour to get rid of my frustration. 

It made me chuckle and I decided it didn’t really matter how I finished in this marathon as long as I finished, because clearly my biggest fan was in my corner regardless of my time.

20 miles in 4:08. I’ll take it and just shut up.



The 7 minute video is worth watching.


Its the day after Mother’s day and I’m recovering from doing absolutely not much.

The highlights of my weekend include:

Sleeping 12 hours straight Friday night (I’m a 6 hour, at best, person).

Taking a 90 minute nap after being up from said 12 hours of sleep for 2 hours.  Seriously.

Eating a sleeve of Thin Mints for dinner on Saturday.  (When I told Blue Eyes he said “no way!  That’s one of my favorite meals!”. I knew we were kindred spirits.  As a side note he had a Butterfinger Blizzard for dinner Saturday night).

Eating Reese’s peanut butter cups for breakfast first thing Sunday morning.  And I mean first thing.  I stood up from bed, saw them sitting on my nightstand and said ” yeah that’s what’s for breakfast!”

Meeting my bestie for a beer at a local tap house where we caught up since its been awhile.

The oldest didn’t come home for the weekend which, in and of itself is a gift.  He invited me to come down to Eugene for the day but I couldn’t afford gas or the expense of taking us out to Mothers day brunch, lunch or dinner so I passed.  He also asked me for money on Saturday instead of waiting until Mothers day.  I liked that.

The youngest got up before 11 and scolded me for “cleaning” on mothers day.  I wasn’t cleaning.  I was picking something up, but everyone views things differently.

As you can see nothing extravagant went on in my world but it was a very nice weekend all the same.  I didn’t run but I did workout a couple times and I got homework done.  Not enough, sadly.  I’ve come to the realization that I will be taking a couple days off work soon to finish (ha! I mean start) a couple final projects due three weeks from now.  There. Is. Not. Enough. Time. In. The. Day.

In other news my summer is shaping up nicely.  After the marathon.  I will be camping with a couple girlfriends on the Metolius River in July.  Even though I don’t camp.  I said yes out of love for these women.  That’s it.  Turns out only one of us likes to camp in the real sense.  The other one took it upon herself to make “camping arrangements” for us here.  That’s our cabin.  #9.  That is camping I can get behind!  Hello granite countertops!

Blue Eyes is taking me to see Journey in July.  I’ve loved Journey since I was a teenager.  Was sure I would marry Steve Perry.  Thankful that didn’t work out since he didn’t age well.  I’m excited to see them.  They are coming with Steve Miller which is odd to me, even though I like Steve Miller.


The Counting Crows are here in August.  I told Blue Eyes this about four months ago when I was notified about the presale.  He thought we should go.  After I saw the ticket prices I said no.  Not in my budget.  He casually mentioned a couple weeks ago that he bought those tickets too.  I.  Love. Him.  I love Counting Crows too.


A couple weeks ago Blue Eyes informed that Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails would be here the week after Counting Crows.  I looked at the price point for presale tickets and determined $115 to $175 was definitely outside of my budget.  He agreed with me.  I love Chris Cornell and Soundgarden rarely tours, but damn.

Last Friday as Blue Eyes and I sat in the Chinese Gardens together and watched it rain and hail he said “oh, yeah, forgot to tell you I got tickets…”


It made me laugh.  In his Match.com profile it clearly stated he “loved live music.”. So I guess that’s truth in advertising and I knew what I was getting into when I married him.

Until next time people!