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For the last couple of days I’ve been thinking about NOT running the Boring Marathon. I’m not firm on that thought, but I’ve been thinking about it.

It’s an incredibly busy time at work, my school work load is high, having both of my boys in the house adds additional work and I just don’t know if I can successfully pull off training properly to run in 2 months. I haven’t been running what a training plan says I should, and when I do get out there I just want to run and not think about my time, distance, etc. I just want to enjoy running for the sake of running.

But a part of me says fuck it. Just do it.

I had originally planned to run Portland because RunnerGirl wanted me to since she’ll be back to do it again. While I love Portland, I don’t love the Portland Marathon and I won’t be running it. It’s too expensive for me and it always rains when I run it and I’d hate to bring rain unnecessarily since it was perfect and beautiful running weather last year. Instead I’ll stand on the sidelines and cheer as she passes and then Blue Eyes and I will meet her and her husband at a bar to drink alcohol. It’ll be better than last year because I wasn’t drinking when they were here. It’s safe to say that is not what’s going on in my life this year and I’ll be about the beer.


My bestie and I live in the same town but have a hard time getting together with kid responsibilities, work, life. We try to get together once a month without fail and last night was the night. We hit McMenamins Roadhouse so I could get my hands on a bottle of their Sunflower IPA. I love Sunflowers and I love IPAs, so this beer was made for me. It’s only around for this month and it isn’t available on tap, only in the bottles AND they only had two bottles left. So I bought a bottle, but I drank something else while we were there.


After we left the Roadhouse we went to Sasquatch Brewing. Blue Eyes and I went to this place last week and had the BEST experience. The waiter was cool, the place was cool, we were there for a couple of hours during the late happy hour and really enjoyed ourselves. It was really pleasant. I couldn’t wait to go back. Sadly, aside from the fact that I was hanging out with my bestie, the experience last night sucked. The waitress was a bitch with a nasty attitude and the bartender was even worse. We still had a good time, because that’s what we do, but it really soured me on the place and I’m not sure when I’ll want to go back. We are not lacking in Breweries and Taprooms in this area so there is no need to revisit a place that left a poor taste in my mouth. The beer I had at Sasquatch was a 10.2% ABV. Kinda left me needing to go home.


So in addition to beer being a friend and just wanting to run for the sake of running, I’m debating the marathon.

This may sound weird. It sounds weird in my head. BUT I’m going to run long tomorrow, 17 or 18, and see how it feels. When I get back I’m going to go to a 7 a.m., Bikram class and meditate on how the long run felt and whether or not I should run Boring. I know. It’s weird, but I think the yoga in the hot-as-fuck-room will help clear my mind. And while truthfully I may not be able to think about the marathon as I’m in the room, my mind will be clear when I leave and I can contemplate it on the way home.

In other news…. I got my second tattoo. A sunflower. For those of you following along you know my first tat, a running chick, is on my left shoulder. That didn’t hurt really. I mean yeah, it hurt a little initially, but it didn’t really hurt. This one? Um, well, yeah. It hurt. A lot. Two days later and it still hurts, but I love it so much I don’t care about the pain. I love my tattoo artist and what she does — and this tat is fabulous.

Tat #2

So that’s what I’ve got going on.

I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend and the weather is great where you are. It’s fantastic here in the Pacific Northwest and I’m loving it.



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I’m running a marathon on Sunday and as is usually the case (even though I tend to forget this during “training”) I am incredibly excited.  Regardless of the outcome I just love to run!

Training has been as good as it gets for me since I generally start out with a hard and fast plan and then tweak things and do whatever feels right for me.  I only ran one 20 and it kinda sucked but any distance can suck so it doesn’t worry me. 

Originally I was going to have to drive to Eugene and move the college boy home for the summer on Saturday.  That’s driving four hours round trip, lifting and packing heavy shit into a cargo van and then unpacking the same the day before running 26.2 miles the next day.  Blue Eyes called bullshit, however, and now he and I will drive down on Friday (he works on Saturday) afternoon and he and the boy will lift, load and unload as I supervise and then Saturday will be left for me to run a quick couple miles before I do nothing but rest my legs.


I ran this marathon three years ago.  It was my first.  I like to see improvement every time I run a marathon but I am especially hopeful for improvement at this one.

Bart Yasso was there the first year I ran it.  It was cool to hear him announce my name when I finished.  He’s scheduled to be here again this year.  I’m hoping to get him to sign my copy of his book on Saturday after one of his motivational talks.  I’m a Yasso fan.  🙂

I’m excited.

A great change from last time will, of course, be Blue Eyes at the finish.  Yay!


And the topper?  There is a brew fest going on in Esther Shore Park (where the race begins and ends) over the weekend.  Race participants get free entry.  I’m all about post race beer (and nachos).


So I think things are under control and I’m as ready as I’m going to be.  Let’s do this thing!



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Its the day after Mother’s day and I’m recovering from doing absolutely not much.

The highlights of my weekend include:

Sleeping 12 hours straight Friday night (I’m a 6 hour, at best, person).

Taking a 90 minute nap after being up from said 12 hours of sleep for 2 hours.  Seriously.

Eating a sleeve of Thin Mints for dinner on Saturday.  (When I told Blue Eyes he said “no way!  That’s one of my favorite meals!”. I knew we were kindred spirits.  As a side note he had a Butterfinger Blizzard for dinner Saturday night).

Eating Reese’s peanut butter cups for breakfast first thing Sunday morning.  And I mean first thing.  I stood up from bed, saw them sitting on my nightstand and said ” yeah that’s what’s for breakfast!”

Meeting my bestie for a beer at a local tap house where we caught up since its been awhile.

The oldest didn’t come home for the weekend which, in and of itself is a gift.  He invited me to come down to Eugene for the day but I couldn’t afford gas or the expense of taking us out to Mothers day brunch, lunch or dinner so I passed.  He also asked me for money on Saturday instead of waiting until Mothers day.  I liked that.

The youngest got up before 11 and scolded me for “cleaning” on mothers day.  I wasn’t cleaning.  I was picking something up, but everyone views things differently.

As you can see nothing extravagant went on in my world but it was a very nice weekend all the same.  I didn’t run but I did workout a couple times and I got homework done.  Not enough, sadly.  I’ve come to the realization that I will be taking a couple days off work soon to finish (ha! I mean start) a couple final projects due three weeks from now.  There. Is. Not. Enough. Time. In. The. Day.

In other news my summer is shaping up nicely.  After the marathon.  I will be camping with a couple girlfriends on the Metolius River in July.  Even though I don’t camp.  I said yes out of love for these women.  That’s it.  Turns out only one of us likes to camp in the real sense.  The other one took it upon herself to make “camping arrangements” for us here.  That’s our cabin.  #9.  That is camping I can get behind!  Hello granite countertops!

Blue Eyes is taking me to see Journey in July.  I’ve loved Journey since I was a teenager.  Was sure I would marry Steve Perry.  Thankful that didn’t work out since he didn’t age well.  I’m excited to see them.  They are coming with Steve Miller which is odd to me, even though I like Steve Miller.


The Counting Crows are here in August.  I told Blue Eyes this about four months ago when I was notified about the presale.  He thought we should go.  After I saw the ticket prices I said no.  Not in my budget.  He casually mentioned a couple weeks ago that he bought those tickets too.  I.  Love. Him.  I love Counting Crows too.


A couple weeks ago Blue Eyes informed that Soundgarden and Nine Inch Nails would be here the week after Counting Crows.  I looked at the price point for presale tickets and determined $115 to $175 was definitely outside of my budget.  He agreed with me.  I love Chris Cornell and Soundgarden rarely tours, but damn.

Last Friday as Blue Eyes and I sat in the Chinese Gardens together and watched it rain and hail he said “oh, yeah, forgot to tell you I got tickets…”


It made me laugh.  In his Match.com profile it clearly stated he “loved live music.”. So I guess that’s truth in advertising and I knew what I was getting into when I married him.

Until next time people!


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So I pulled out the iPad to write this post.

My posts have been infrequent, if you haven’t noticed, and that’s due in large part to my employer blocking access to WordPress. I didn’t always write posts at work but it would happen on occasion. What happened more frequently, however, was writing at home while on my work computer. I still bring my computer home with me for work purposes, but since WordPress is blocked it does me no good with respect to my blog. And posting from my iPad is painful and SLOW. So there you go.

All that aside, my reflections on the past year and thoughts about the current new year compel me to write.

2013 was an interesting year.

With respect to my kids there has been some serious growth.

The oldest left for school last January, “tried” unsuccessfully to get a job, blamed me for many of his life’s woes, which mainly centered around the fact that I couldn’t support him in the same lavish lifestyle his roommates appeared to be living. He had his license suspended for a year for an M.I.P. charge. He got arrested for a few minor and a rather major offense, spent the longest hours of his life behind bars, stood before a judge for sentencing and then came home for the summer and slept til 2 p.m. every day so he could hang with his friends into the wee hours and again blamed me for his inability to get a job. But then something happened. And honestly I’m not really sure what it was but he left for school again in September and maturity began. He got a manual labor job and loved it. Loved the work, and the money that came from said work. Instead of coming home every weekend he went ten weeks before I saw him, coming home for Thanksgiving. The angry phone calls and mean spirited texts were replaced with texts telling me how much he loved and appreciated me. It was Twilight Zone shit in a big way. He came home for the Christmas holiday for three weeks and respected my rules without question or argument about smoking weed in my house. Maturity. Yo. He borrowed a little money from me, paid me back with ridiculous interest. He filled my car with gas and he cooked for himself on multiple occasions without telling me I was falling down on my parental responsibility. Seriously, I have had that conversation with my 20 year old. For the first time ever. EVER. I got a Christmas gift that was not purchased with my or my exhusbands money. Twilight Zone. But I couldn’t be any happier about it as he heads back to school this evening. I love this boy, I wish he understood how much.

Younger brother, who is similar but at the same time so completely different, is my heart. The relationship we have built since I left his father and since his brother moved out is one of my most cherished. We have a closeness that I hope lasts forever and what makes me most happy is that he is very close to his father as well. He has built two separate relationships with us that don’t rely on the other. That may sound odd, but it’s priceless. Add to that — the boy has risen to the occasion of high school and you are left with a proud mom. When he does something that requires discipline I am thankful for the reminder that he is STILL just a 14 year old boy. Again I wish he knew just how much I love him.


My job has morphed into a lot more responsibility over the year and I’m good with that. I still adore my boss and working in this corporate environment continually reminds me why I will never work in a law firm again. Life is too short to be that stressed out all the time. (I know not all law firms are super stressful but before my current job I worked as a litigation paralegal for a firm that had a hellacious trial calendar. There is no stress like trial prep that never let’s up.)

I didn’t travel as much as I like this year. One trip to Cannon Beach for a couple nights, trip to Mexico with girlfriends, trip to Idaho and then to Seattle with Blue Eyes. All quality trips though so it’s hard to find negativity where there is none.

Running was pretty low key. A couple half Mary’s, a 30k and one marathon that attempted to suck the life from me. All told I didn’t get close to 1,000 miles for the year, but what’s key is that by years end I had found my love for running again and that’s all I can ask for.

And then there’s Blue Eyes.

In September my amazing friend Jennifer wrote a blog post that I read early one morning while I was still laying in bed. She wrote about an asshole dude she had had the misfortune of meeting and within the post she wrote:

“Finding someone who . . . will pursue me and see me fully, someone who will think ‘Holy Shit this girl is a fricken catch and I’M NOT GOING TO MESS THIS UP’ . . .

When I read it I thought that’s fuckin right, don’t settle for less. My feelings were strong because I know how amazing she IS and I know she shouldn’t settle. Twenty minutes later as I stood in the shower still seething over the asshole on Jennifer’s behalf it dawned on me that what she described is 100% what I have in Blue Eyes. 100%. It was like a light bulb turned on and some things within me changed. Some things that cause me to hold back a little every now and again and rethink or possibly over think my relationship with this spectacular man whose number one goal in life is to make me happy. Who says to me “I love you more than everything.” And makes me believe him.

Our relationship changed a little. I was pretty strict about only seeing him on the weekends my kid is with his dad. Over the course of the year that changed and I see him at any feasible opportunity and my kids are okay with it. They like him. He doesn’t threaten them or their relationship with me and he likes them. This is key.

“B”, the man who dumped me and inspired me to start this blog, didn’t like my kids. It was a mutual dislike. They didn’t like him either. He also thought I was a shitty parent and it was his life mission to school me on the proper way to raise kids. Um yeah. On reflection I can’t figure out why I was so heartbroken and I was seriously heartbroken.

I saw this the other day and it made me think of “B”


Blue Eyes and I have had a lovely year together and have grown very close. I love just being in his company. He makes me laugh intensely and he makes me feel good about being me, just the way I am. No fixing necessary for him to find me perfect for him. And I actually find him incredibly perfect for me.

We went to Seattle for a couple of nights to celebrate the holidays together. We usually go to the beach because it’s my happy place in Oregon, but we changed it up and went north. We took the train and stayed in a great old hotel. Monday was our full day there. We got out of the hotel by 9 a.m. and we were out all day and night.

We went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) and spent about four hours there learning everything there is to know about Nirvana, Hendrix, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and the likes. It was awesome to be there with someone as into it as I was.

We went on to the Space Needle, Pike Street Market where we checked out the gross and disgusting gum wall (I wouldn’t stand next to it for a picture and I was totally grossed out by all the people TOUCHING it!) and we went to the Sculpture Park.




We sat for awhile and people watched, went into the Rack so I could try on stripper shoes then went and drank beer…..and then we went and drank margaritas.



Then we strolled the streets until we came upon The Taproom. 160 beers on tap. Did I mention we like beer? We settled in at the Taproom around 9:30. We were still there at midnight….

I’d never had beer in a glass like this.

I was having such a good time. A little tipsy, a lot happy, thrilled to be out of town without any responsibility. Happy to be with Blue Eyes. It couldn’t have gotten any better.

But then it did. Get better.

He said “this has been the very best year of my life and I thought it fitting to end it on a high note.” I started coughing about this time and turned away from him (I’d had an icky cold for awhile). When I stopped coughing and turned back towards him I noticed the goofy grin on his face first and then I saw he was holding the ring. THE RING! I was totally surprised. And speechless. Me. Speechless. If you know me you KNOW that’s almost impossible, but he did it.



I said yes.


So it’s all official and we are engaged.

I think it’ll be a long engagement but we’ll see. He wants what I want. That’s all.

I was on Match.com for three weeks before I hid my profile. Blue Eyes got in under the wire. I almost didn’t go out with him because the day before I had gone out with a grade A jerk and I was a little sketchy about the whole online dating thing. Then I got freaked out because he liked me too much and so I pushed him away to date other people and met another jerk. That’s when I decided I just wanted to sleep with men without commitment. Did that for awhile with a young guy I had nothing in common with but the sex. All the while Blue Eyes waited patiently for me to figure it out. He let me figure out, on my time, that he is a good guy. That he is the right guy. That he is everything I want.

The train ride home was a happy one. I see good things in the future.


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I spent the weekend in Idaho with Blue Eyes.

Blue Eyes likes football and participates in a Fantasy Football League (?) – the league he’s part of has been together for 10 years.  The lot of them consists of 9 men and 1 woman.  Interestingly, the woman’s husband was the original member of the group, but he sucked at it and kind of lost interest because he sucked so badly.  The wife took over his spot about 4 years ago.  While she hasn’t won, she doesn’t suck and she and her husband have divorced.

Originally all ten members lived in the Portland/Vancouver metro area.  About 7 years ago, however, one of the members moved to Idaho.  Every August he makes the trek back to the Pacific Northwest for the draft.  A couple of years ago he asked if the group would be open to making the trip to Idaho for the 10 year anniversary.  Everyone agreed it would be a nice change, so that’s what was planned and this past weekend that’s what took place.

Blue Eyes invited me along a few months ago.  Originally I said no.  While I like to travel and see new places I’d heard some scary stories about racism in Idaho and I really had no desire to have my own first-hand accounts.  Obviously I changed my mind.  Pretty happy that I did.

I left my house a little after 6 a.m., on Friday morning to drive to Blue Eye’s house in Washington.  I got there before 7 and we left his house by 7:30 and headed to Hood River.  In Hood River we met up with some of his closest friends (and my favorites, thus far, of his friends I’ve met) who were also going to the draft.  Then we set out.

Now, if you look at a map, and you know I live in the Portland area you might assume it wasn’t really too much of a drive.  After all if you drive East from Portland, across Oregon and into Idaho you hit Boise.  Easy.  We weren’t going to Boise, however.  We went to Bonners Ferry.  Here is a map of Idaho. . .

Map of Idaho

We were 14 miles from the Montana border and less than 25 miles from Canada.  Beautiful country, but man what a drive.  Probably 8 hours of straight driving, but all told, I was in a car for 11 hours.  Made for a long day, but we got there before 5:30 and enjoyed a BBQ and beer at the hosts beautiful house in the middle of a quiet forest area.  I’m a vegetarian, though, which is a foreign concept in an area where they eat Buffalo on the regular, so I ate side dishes with my beer.

Exhausted from the drive we were back at the hotel by 10.

Saturday we drove into Sandpoint and had breakfast at a cute little café that used all local and organic veggies – the food was wonderful and filling.


After breakfast we walked through the Sandpoint farmers market where Blue Eyes bought me a couple of sunflower art pieces (I love Sunflowers)


And then we walked over to the Sandpoint city beach.  Sandpoint is beautiful.  I’m convinced.

sandpointcitybeach sign


The draft started at 1:00 p.m. at a local bar in Bonners Ferry.


Having never been to a fantasy football draft before I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  There was some set up involved – the draft board, for one. . .

empty draft board

And then two of the guys weren’t able to make the trip so they participated by phone via Facetime.  The two Iphones being used were set up at the table in each guy’s respective drafting position, so it was kind of like they were there. . . Kind of.

First order of business was to congratulate the prior year’s winner and present him/her with the money and trophy.  Blue Eyes won last year, for the first time so he accepted his trophy and the cashola.  It was nice.

trophytransfer to blue eyes



And then the 16 rounds of drafting began.  There was a lot of shit talking and LOTS of beer.  In the four hours we were there Blue Eyes and I shared two pitchers of beer.  That equated to four pints of beer for me in four hours.  Not a ton in the grand scheme of beer drinking, but as much as I like beer, I’m a light weight and four pints of an IPA with an ABV of 6.8% pretty much put me on my ass.

Draft complete – everyone sufficiently liquored up for a picture – including the two guys on the Iphones!




After the draft we went back out to the host’s home and had a second BBQ and more alcohol.  I stayed away from the beer and switched to Fireball.  Um yeah.  That shits dangerous.  A shot of Fireball tastes just like a mouthful of redhots.  Dangerous.  If you like redhots, that is.  Sadly, I do.

fireball whiskey

I remember very little about that evening, but I believe it was fun.

Sunday we were headed back to Oregon.  We got off the freeway in Spokane, Washington to try to find the waterfall through the center of downtown we’d heard about and in the process of looking for that we drove through Gonzaga’s campus –


Then we went to Riverfront Park and walked around.  Waterfalls, flowers, fountains, running sculptures.  It all made me really like Spokane.  Which surprised me.







Spokane Park

After lunch we headed on home, taking one quick detour off the highway to tool around Ritzville, Washington.  It took all of 5 minutes, but it was interesting in that you could tell that at one time in history Ritzville was a pretty happening place – now, however, it’s a run-down town in the middle of absolutely nothing. It was at one time the wheat capital of the world, but now, while they are still growing wheat, it’s not nearly as much as it was in their heyday and now there is nothing going on in Ritzville.  Nothing.


After Ritzville we drove through the Columbia Gorge in a lightning storm with lots of rain.   I managed to get home by 8:45 p.m. and fall into bed.  To get up at 4:00 a.m. and wonder why I hadn’t asked for Monday off as well.  It’s surprising how much driving can take out of you – and I wasn’t driving, except to get myself home – but I’m exhausted.

I didn’t do any running while I was out-of-town, probably because I chose drinking instead, but I had a great time and have no regrets.

Working on when and where I can take my next trip out-of-town.  Trying to figure out how to get to Hawaii before year’s end – not sure I can actually make it happen, but I haven’t given up on the idea!

Sigh. . . . I love Hawaii.

I hope you all had lovely weekends and have a fantastic week!

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Last weekend I was supposed to run 15 miles with Maureen on Wildwood and then the Blooms to Brews Half Marathon on Sunday. Sadly, it didn’t quite work out that way.

I didn’t go to work on Thursday or Friday for a variety of reasons. None bad.

I started Thursday out by showing up to run 5 at 5 with my girlfriends. I was in the middle of a conversation with one of the girls when Tony (the token male) said it was time to go. So I started running with her. She runs faster than me, and I knew that going into it, but I was enjoying the conversation. When my Garmin vibrated to let me know I’d run the first mile, and I looked down to see 9:15, I was all WTF? And began the internal conversation with myself about the feasibility of me maintaining that pace for 5 miles. Not likely. I managed to stay with her for 3.5 miles – but I truly thought I was going to die.

I hadn’t intended to run on Friday because I knew I’d be running both days over the weekend. Unfortunately, though, my oldest son put a kink in my plans for Saturday and I was forced to cancel on Maureen. I was annoyed by this because I was looking forward to running with her in my brand new trail shoes. Hoping we can make up for it next weekend.

I spent Friday with Blue Eyes. He had the day off, it had been a while since I’d seen him, I had plans with a girlfriend that night so it seemed like the best idea to spend the day with him. It was so very nice to spend a weekday with him. Among other things we went to see Oblivion at Cinetopia in Washington. I did not like the movie, but please don’t let that stop you from seeing it if you are a Tom Cruise fan.

Saturday I ran a myriad of errands, dealt with my oldest son and passed time until 4, when I drove up to Washington to spend the night with Blue Eyes. My half marathon was in Washington, about 40 minutes from his house, so it seemed appropriate to stay there instead of having to drive the additional hour from my house.

We got together around 5 and headed out for dinner. There is what we thought was a new pub open in Washougal that we’d been told had 40 beers on tap. I am a big fan of beer, REAL beer (not Coors Light and the like) and the Pacific Northwest has some stellar brewers — When we got to the place we found that while they did have 40 beers on tap (and a bazillion others in bottles) they did not really have food. It was more a tasting room.

We got a couple pints of an IPA (each of us tried a different one) and studied the board listing the beers on tap. There were some interesting ones listed and while we drank our pints we decided we would share a beer taster – 6 glasses, 2 ounces each, of 6 different beers.


Blue Eyes and I have been trying out beer for a while now. We keep a notebook (well, I keep it, but we both contribute to it). We write down the names of the beers we’ve tried and our opinion of them. There are so many local beers that it can be easy to forget what you’ve tried and it would suck to order a beer that you really don’t like because you didn’t remember you didn’t like it. This is why the notebook was created.

While I really love good beer, I only drink beer every other weekend, when I’m with Blue Eyes or if I’m hanging out with beer drinking girlfriends — so for all intents and purposes. . . . I’m a lightweight drinker.  Turns out the pints we started with had a pretty high ABV percentage. Add to that, three of the ones we tasted were pretty high as well, and then remember that we didn’t eat beforehand. What does that equal. I was pretty drunk. Happy, but really drunk.

We went to a Mexican restaurant when we were done with the beer, but it was too late for that. The beer had taken its toll and the food just kind of went down and sat on top of it all – did not do any soaking up of the alcohol.

Because Blue Eyes would be driving me up to the half marathon on Sunday he volunteered his services. So we had to be up at the event between 6:30 and 7. I have been practicing before race nutrition on longer runs, trying to prepare for the marathon and it’s been working for me. It requires that I eat 3.5 to 4 hours before I run, which has, in the past, meant getting up real early to eat (and sometimes going back to sleep). So I had Blue Eyes set the alarm for 4:30 so I could eat my breakfast, be up for a bit, and then go back to sleep until 5:50.

Yeah, well, since I woke up at least twice throughout the night feeling as though I was going to vomit there was no way in hell I was going to eat anything at 4:30 a.m. We got up and out of the house timely and I choked down a banana and a piece of bread with jelly about 90 minutes pre-race.

It was supposed to be sunny, but it wasn’t. It was cold, drizzly and pretty crummy. That might have just been my hung-over view of the world, but I was not happy. Didn’t help that I had packed my race top that has no shoulders (it was supposed to be sunny!!) so I was really cold. Blue Eyes had to kick me out of his car 40 minutes before the race start because he had to drive out to mile 9.5 where he would be stationed to direct runners. I was not happy. My girlfriend, who was also running, showed up ten minutes later and let me sit in her suburban and warm up. Thank goodness.

I really just wanted to crawl back into bed. Honestly.

The course was relatively flat throughout and it went through some really nice countryside areas. We ran past barns, horses, the Columbia River. Would have been able to see Mt. St. Helens if there hadn’t been so many clouds (producing a drizzly and cold rain). I took no pictures of any of that, however, because I didn’t want to be there. Two miles in I was getting stitches in my side and swearing that I was going to just stop. I didn’t though, because stopping would have meant walking back to the start where Blue Eyes wasn’t anyway! So I consoled myself with the idea that I would run to him, at mile 9.5 and then quit. Sit in his car, sleep in his car, whatever, while he did his volunteer duty. I was so not into it.

When I got to him, however, it was such a pick me up to see him, get a couple really great hugs and kisses and encouragement that I just went on. He told me I was getting ready to enter the tulip fields so I couldn’t stop yet and really I was less than 4 miles to the end so why not just finish.



There was a mile of running a dyke that was all gravely. I hated running on the gravel, but it was only a mile and at the end of that mile there was a woman handing out handfuls of gummy bears. Coming down the hill you came upon the tulips. Beautiful tulips, of all colors. It was pretty spectacular and I was glad I had continued on to see it. I stopped and took a couple of pictures and then another runner came by and asked me if I wanted her to take a picture of me. I said something about not looking really good, but she said I looked like I had just run 11 miles so I figured I’d suck it up.


I finished. I actually finished in a good time, for me. No P.R., but I was not feeling this race at all, so the fact that I didn’t finish worse than any other half I’ve run, and actually finished closer to my better half marathon finishes I was pleased.

Strangely, though. . . my quads are killing me. I say strangely because last week when I ran 23 miles I had absolutely no quad pain at all. I really didn’t have any pain after the 23 miles. No pain, no stiffness, no nothing. This weekend I ran 13.1 miles and I can barely stand to walk, and stairs make me cry. I’m wondering if that’s because I didn’t do my pre-race nutrition, drank way too much beer with way too high of an alcohol content or whether it’s the difference between running on a trail and running on pavement. Maybe its a combination of all of that.  

The weekend was good overall and I learned a few things. Mainly don’t drink on an empty stomach (I do know this one, but I temporarily forgot it) and maybe only one beer before a race. Ya think?

Have a great week everyone!

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