Hello People!

I hope you’re well.  Today is the last day of my ten-day vacation.  Tomorrow it’s back to work and back to life as I knew it before vacation. . . sorta.  I’m here to blog about the trip, relive some of my favorite moments and mentally prepare for tomorrow.

Blue Eyes and I flew out to Vegas late Friday evening.  I had worked all day and was exhausted but I was running on excitement for the trip we planned more than nine months prior.  We got into Vegas extremely late, but since Sin City doesn’t sleep, that hardly mattered.  We picked up our rental car and made our way to the icky, gross motel that we were staying at for the night.  The place had a smell.  What’s worse is that by morning I couldn’t smell THE smell, but I knew it was there.  I chose the dive because we were literally there for all of eight hours and it was cheap.  We met a hooker who was just getting off work the next morning when we left.  She was nice and had great shoes, but I will not choose this motel ever again.

We had a couple of errands to run Saturday morning before an appointment at noon.  We got everything done and were ready to be picked up at the appointed time.  The appointment went smoothly, we left very happy and a little bit changed – it was pretty spectacular and a lot of fun.


We had a nice lunch after and then we got out-of-town.  We stopped at the Hoover Dam because I’d never seen it.

hoover dam

We drove into Kingman, Arizona and then on to Peach Springs.  We got to Peach Springs just before 8 p.m.  It was dark and the motel that we were staying at was closed and laid out kind of strangely so that it wasn’t obvious how we got a key to our room.  They had a little bar on the property that appeared to be open so we went in and asked for direction.  The bartender and his one patron, who also worked at the bar, told us how to ring the bell and get our key, and then invited us to sit for a beer.  We accepted the invite and enjoyed crazy conversation about jackalopes and turtle herding over a nice cold IPA.  Then we got our key and went to sleep since we were getting up at 4 a.m.

The next morning we drove 90 minutes to the trailhead at the end of Indian Road 18, arriving at 6:30 a.m.  It was breathtaking –


We started the hike down into the canyon just before 7.



After a mile and a half of switchbacks we made it to the canyon floor.


We hiked, and hiked, and hiked.  We got out-of-the-way of mule trains, passed people coming out, and had a few people pass us going in.  We stopped for snack breaks, water breaks, and breaks from the weight of our backpacks.  We stopped for pictures.  We felt completely alone and incredibly together.  It was amazing and everything wonderful.

if you look close you can see I'm standing by that giant slab of rock

if you look close you can see I’m standing by that giant slab of rock

After 7.5 miles (on my Garmin) of hiking we got to this sign


We were tired and ready to be there and even though we were close, the last 1.5 miles felt like 5, at least.  We made it to the lodge, unloaded our backpacks and walked around the village while we waited for the check in time.  It had taken us 5.5 hours to hike the 9 miles and we could feel every bit of those miles.


When we finally got into our room we were pleasantly surprised at how nice it was.  It was simple but comfortable and nicer than the dive we had stayed at in Vegas.  We rested for a couple of hours and then made the two-mile hike to Havasu Falls.  As if it hadn’t been worth it already (it had) the falls were what it was all about.  Stunning.  Seriously.






We hung out for a while and then went back to the lodge.  We made our way to the café in the village and ate some dinner.  Then we went back to our room and slept.  Long and hard.  We didn’t get up on Monday until almost 11.  It was the first morning we didn’t have to get up at an exact time and we took full advantage of it.

We spent the remainder of the day exploring the canyon.  Made our way back to the falls and into the water.  Talked to a lot of people, took lots of pictures, and enjoyed each other’s company.  It was perfection.


At the end of that day we reflected on the hike in.  We realized we had packed way too much shit – the huge hiking back pack that Blue Eyes carried was super full and extremely heavy.  The idea of hiking out of the canyon with it was painful – we joked about how important the stuff in it was, and maybe just leaving it – then we made arrangements for the mule train to carry it out.  We put even more stuff into the backpack than we packed in so that my backpack would only carry water and snacks, making it a little lighter.


We started out of the village at 6:30 the next morning.  Without the heavy back pack the hiking seemed much easier.  We were passed by the mule train carrying our bag two hours into the hike.  It was kind of funny to see it pass us by.  Everything was peachy until we got to the last 1.5 miles UP.  That was the hardest part of the hike without a doubt, but we did it and reached the top like champs before 11.  It took us a total of 4.5 hours to get back to our car.  Due in large part to the lack of heavy bags on our backs.

We headed back to Kingman where we had lunch, then on to Vegas where we stayed 3 nights at the Golden Nugget.  After 4 previous nights in different motels/lodges this was the cushiest accommodations yet and a really nice way to end the trip.

We enjoyed margaritas made with muddled fresh fruit at Nacho Daddys.  We danced (okay, I danced) along Fremont Street with the rest of the crazy drunk people – and people watched like you can only do in Vegas.

nacho daddy

Day 2 in Vegas we took advantage of having a rental car and went exploring.  Oh wait, first we went and had a massage.  I thought it would be wise to schedule massages after our hiking adventure.  I was discouraged, however, at the price of a massage at the hotel spa – so I checked out Groupon.  I found a great deal for a 90 minute massage and foot detox for $38 in Vegas.  It. Was. Awesome.  After the massages we found an awesome place to have breakfast/lunch and then went to the Count’s Bar which were both a great distance from the Strip and Fremont Street.  We then gambled and drank with the rest of them and managed not to lose any money.  In fact Blue Eyes won money at blackjack.  I only played some slot machines.  I put $20 in and won some so I kept playing.  When my money came back down to $20 I pushed the button and got my $20 back.  So I didn’t lose any money.  That’s a win in my book.

counts kustoms

Day 3 in Vegas we went to the Vegas Car Museum and checked out some exotics and then we found Lagasse’s Stadium.  Fabulous.  I love Emeril Lagasse and my favorite way to gamble is to bet on sports – not because I’m so sports savvy, but because it takes longer to lose money that way —  so I was thrilled to check out Lagasse’s Stadium.  We sat in the big cushy chair/couch things watching the big screen of sports.  We drank a beer, shared some amazing dessert and bet on basketball.   Well, I bet on basketball.  Blue Eyes bet on baseball.  His odds were better, and he still has a chance.  Sadly, I lost my $20 since Michigan got taken down by Kentucky (it was a good game though).

legasse 1

legasse 2

Thursday night I had to go back to our room to attend “class” online, and Blue Eyes played some more blackjack and won.  After class we made our way back to Nacho Daddys to drink more margaritas and eat nachos (my favorite food in the whole wide world) then we crashed for 4 hours because our flight left at 7 a.m., which meant we had to get up at 3.

We made it home safely, I picked up my car at his house, then picked up my dog at the kennel and went home to find my house was kind of still as clean as I left it.  The boys came home a few hours later and while the oldest tried to punish me for having the audacity to go on vacation without him, the youngest was his sweet self.  The oldest got over his bullshit in a matter of hours and then asked me if I’d cook some stuff for him and his roommates to take back to Eugene.  Wonderful mom that I strive to be I said okay and made a big pan of lasagna, a big pan of macaroni and cheese, a big pan of sheppards pie and some chicken burritos.  They left yesterday very grateful.

And here I am trying to get ready for tomorrow.  I’m ready to go back to work, but vacation sure was spectacular.  Truly, I work to vacation.  No doubt about it.

Until next time – be well!

Hello People!

Just popping in to say hi because I have nothing else to tell you.  Ha!

Life is the same, or possibly a little different in sometimes difficult ways.  I don’t have enough of anything that would spin a good blog post so I will just give you some randomness.

Um… Where do I start?

      • I’m training for a marathon again.  After Timberline last year I wasn’t sure I’d ever say those words again, so that’s good, right?  This is week two and it’s going well.  Of course Mother Nature fucked up the plans for week one by snowing and showering freezing rain on us. Since I don’t run in snow, ice or slushy dirty deceptively solid appearing matter a day and a half after an ice storm I moved my days around and hit all but one of my runs.  Not bad for me.  This week there’s no snow, just rain but this IS Oregon.
      • This past weekend I had an ugly, crying breakdown as I tried to finish a research paper, my first ever in my life mind you, for my College Composition 1 class.  I stress this is College Comp 1 because College Comp 2 starts on March 27th.  I used to have this delusional belief that I could actually write.  Turns out I don’t know jack shit and Professor V is having a field day making sure I realize this. Tears people!  Serious tears.  And the final paper isn’t due for 3 weeks!  This was just the outline and a draft but FUCK if it didn’t do a number on me.  There are four weeks left of this first ten week term and  on Saturday I wondered what possessed me, at 47, to start down this road. But after the tears came a calmness and I’m okay now. As my 14 year old son told me, I got this.
      • Staying with the school thing for one more bullet….. On March 27th, when College Comp 2 starts, it will be paired with Anatomy and Physiology 1.  What was it the boy said?  Oh.  Yeah.  I. Got. This.
      • Work.  Eh.  It’s busy as hell which doesn’t jibe well with all my homework and marathon training and that other responsibility I have.  What was it again?  Oh, yeah, being the mother of a 14 year old who requires dinner on occasion and some parental input once in awhile. But I have a job, I love my boss, I had a good review and will find out in the next ten days the size of my raise and bonus so that’s something
      • My debt, while not moving at lightening speed is going in the right direction. Namely down. I just have to be diligent and keep taking baby steps. Ironically someone used one of my credit cards and the credit card company caught it. I’m grateful for their diligence but you wouldn’t believe the hoops I have to jump through to now prove to them that I’m me. My account is frozen until their satisfied, which might piss me off if I intended to use my card. But I don’t so it can stay frozen as long as they like.
      • Blue Eyes is good.  Actually he’s great.  End of story.
      • Vacation is 32 days away.  Looking forward to getting out of town to go somewhere warm.  But since it’ll be March it won’t be too warm.
      • I have a weather app on my phone that tells me every day what the weather is like in Honolulu.  Not just at that precise moment but hour by hour and the extended forecast too.  Blue Eyes thinks it tortures me to look at that every day.  He’s wrong though.  It keeps me focused. Pay debt down…go visit Jenny.

I think that’s it, people. Disjointed as it is, this is what’s happening. I will leave you with a few pictures. First, my kiddo and his girlfriend went to dinner on Valentines Day and this a picture of them before dinner. I think they like each other.


Next, the oldest child has been talking about getting a dog for awhile. I’ve been discouraging that because I don’t think he understands the responsibility of a dog, or the expense and he’s an unemployed college student. So HE didn’t get a dog, but his best friend and roommate got a dog, who promptly chewed up my kids power cord to his computer “um, hello Mom? You’re not going to believe why I can’t do my homework….” We visited the college boys and their new roommate on Saturday and can you say cute!?! Meet Luna.


And finally I asked the Facilities Department at work if I could get a new I.D. Badge because I hated that my original one was me with short hair, from over three years ago. The lady in power said yes and took the best picture of me ever (in recent times anyway). She gave me my new badge and then emailed the picture to me so I could use it on Facebook and Linked In if I chose to do so. Which I did, so I feel obligated to share it here. This is a good picture of me. Despite my gray hair.


Oh, and one more…. I posted this on Blue Eyes Facebook wall in honor of Valentines Day. I thought it was funny…..


Peace people! I will write again after Blue Eyes and I get back from the Grand Canyon and before I’m buried in writing and anatomy homework!

Be well!!

2014 Goals

Not really into resolutions, but I do always think about what I want in the new year.  This year its pretty simple.

1.  Pay off my credit card debt entirely.

This seems a little daunting, but its not unreasonable given my salary and the amount of debt I have.  I just have to remember my goal and not use my credit cards.  I’ve already taken them out of my wallet so that’s a first step.

2.  To run two marathons.


I’ve settled on Vancouver USA and Portland.  My first marathon in 2010 was Vancouver and my second, the same year was Portland.  It will be interesting to recreate that drama as the runner I am today, who is a lot more confident than the chick from 2010.  Add to that Running Girl is coming out to run Portland again and wants me to run despite the fact I could, single handedly bring the rain down on the event since every time I’ve run it the sky has opened and dumped torrential amounts of rain.  She HAS been warned though.

3.  To take three trips this year.

Two have already been planned.  In March Blue Eyes and I are hiking down into the Grand Canyon to Supai to see the falls.  We’ll be spending two nights at the Indian reservation before we hike out.

And then in October I will be meeting my three siblings in Vegas (without spouses/significant others/kids) for some bonding over booze.

As much as I’d love the third trip to be San Francisco or Hawaii, because of goal #1, it will likely be Cannon Beach.  Blue Eyes and I are planning a week long trip to Hawaii in 2015 (which has everything to do with goal #1) so you can’t leave before than Ms. Lynch… Not that I think you will, I’m just saying….

4.  To do good in school. 

Yeah.  School.  At 47 I’m going back to school.  Classes start tomorrow in fact.  Working towards my BS in Nutrition.

The end goal being my Masters.  Life changes are ahead but not for some time since I work full time and have a life.  I’m embracing this journey with everything I have.  While my end goal is my Masters I realize that the journey to that goal could lead in other directions I can’t even imagine right now.  I’m open to it all

5.  To choose happiness.

I spend way too much time fretting about things completely out of my control.  Its my goal to stay in the moment and just be grateful.

While there are other things to add, i.e., lose 8 pounds, get another tattoo and eat less cheese (after coming off 104 days 100% raw I can’t stop eating cheese…which explains the 8 pounds) those things are just fluff to an already sure-to-be spectacular year!

Happy 2014!

So I pulled out the iPad to write this post.

My posts have been infrequent, if you haven’t noticed, and that’s due in large part to my employer blocking access to WordPress. I didn’t always write posts at work but it would happen on occasion. What happened more frequently, however, was writing at home while on my work computer. I still bring my computer home with me for work purposes, but since WordPress is blocked it does me no good with respect to my blog. And posting from my iPad is painful and SLOW. So there you go.

All that aside, my reflections on the past year and thoughts about the current new year compel me to write.

2013 was an interesting year.

With respect to my kids there has been some serious growth.

The oldest left for school last January, “tried” unsuccessfully to get a job, blamed me for many of his life’s woes, which mainly centered around the fact that I couldn’t support him in the same lavish lifestyle his roommates appeared to be living. He had his license suspended for a year for an M.I.P. charge. He got arrested for a few minor and a rather major offense, spent the longest hours of his life behind bars, stood before a judge for sentencing and then came home for the summer and slept til 2 p.m. every day so he could hang with his friends into the wee hours and again blamed me for his inability to get a job. But then something happened. And honestly I’m not really sure what it was but he left for school again in September and maturity began. He got a manual labor job and loved it. Loved the work, and the money that came from said work. Instead of coming home every weekend he went ten weeks before I saw him, coming home for Thanksgiving. The angry phone calls and mean spirited texts were replaced with texts telling me how much he loved and appreciated me. It was Twilight Zone shit in a big way. He came home for the Christmas holiday for three weeks and respected my rules without question or argument about smoking weed in my house. Maturity. Yo. He borrowed a little money from me, paid me back with ridiculous interest. He filled my car with gas and he cooked for himself on multiple occasions without telling me I was falling down on my parental responsibility. Seriously, I have had that conversation with my 20 year old. For the first time ever. EVER. I got a Christmas gift that was not purchased with my or my exhusbands money. Twilight Zone. But I couldn’t be any happier about it as he heads back to school this evening. I love this boy, I wish he understood how much.

Younger brother, who is similar but at the same time so completely different, is my heart. The relationship we have built since I left his father and since his brother moved out is one of my most cherished. We have a closeness that I hope lasts forever and what makes me most happy is that he is very close to his father as well. He has built two separate relationships with us that don’t rely on the other. That may sound odd, but it’s priceless. Add to that — the boy has risen to the occasion of high school and you are left with a proud mom. When he does something that requires discipline I am thankful for the reminder that he is STILL just a 14 year old boy. Again I wish he knew just how much I love him.


My job has morphed into a lot more responsibility over the year and I’m good with that. I still adore my boss and working in this corporate environment continually reminds me why I will never work in a law firm again. Life is too short to be that stressed out all the time. (I know not all law firms are super stressful but before my current job I worked as a litigation paralegal for a firm that had a hellacious trial calendar. There is no stress like trial prep that never let’s up.)

I didn’t travel as much as I like this year. One trip to Cannon Beach for a couple nights, trip to Mexico with girlfriends, trip to Idaho and then to Seattle with Blue Eyes. All quality trips though so it’s hard to find negativity where there is none.

Running was pretty low key. A couple half Mary’s, a 30k and one marathon that attempted to suck the life from me. All told I didn’t get close to 1,000 miles for the year, but what’s key is that by years end I had found my love for running again and that’s all I can ask for.

And then there’s Blue Eyes.

In September my amazing friend Jennifer wrote a blog post that I read early one morning while I was still laying in bed. She wrote about an asshole dude she had had the misfortune of meeting and within the post she wrote:

“Finding someone who . . . will pursue me and see me fully, someone who will think ‘Holy Shit this girl is a fricken catch and I’M NOT GOING TO MESS THIS UP’ . . .

When I read it I thought that’s fuckin right, don’t settle for less. My feelings were strong because I know how amazing she IS and I know she shouldn’t settle. Twenty minutes later as I stood in the shower still seething over the asshole on Jennifer’s behalf it dawned on me that what she described is 100% what I have in Blue Eyes. 100%. It was like a light bulb turned on and some things within me changed. Some things that cause me to hold back a little every now and again and rethink or possibly over think my relationship with this spectacular man whose number one goal in life is to make me happy. Who says to me “I love you more than everything.” And makes me believe him.

Our relationship changed a little. I was pretty strict about only seeing him on the weekends my kid is with his dad. Over the course of the year that changed and I see him at any feasible opportunity and my kids are okay with it. They like him. He doesn’t threaten them or their relationship with me and he likes them. This is key.

“B”, the man who dumped me and inspired me to start this blog, didn’t like my kids. It was a mutual dislike. They didn’t like him either. He also thought I was a shitty parent and it was his life mission to school me on the proper way to raise kids. Um yeah. On reflection I can’t figure out why I was so heartbroken and I was seriously heartbroken.

I saw this the other day and it made me think of “B”


Blue Eyes and I have had a lovely year together and have grown very close. I love just being in his company. He makes me laugh intensely and he makes me feel good about being me, just the way I am. No fixing necessary for him to find me perfect for him. And I actually find him incredibly perfect for me.

We went to Seattle for a couple of nights to celebrate the holidays together. We usually go to the beach because it’s my happy place in Oregon, but we changed it up and went north. We took the train and stayed in a great old hotel. Monday was our full day there. We got out of the hotel by 9 a.m. and we were out all day and night.

We went to the EMP (Experience Music Project) and spent about four hours there learning everything there is to know about Nirvana, Hendrix, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and the likes. It was awesome to be there with someone as into it as I was.

We went on to the Space Needle, Pike Street Market where we checked out the gross and disgusting gum wall (I wouldn’t stand next to it for a picture and I was totally grossed out by all the people TOUCHING it!) and we went to the Sculpture Park.




We sat for awhile and people watched, went into the Rack so I could try on stripper shoes then went and drank beer…..and then we went and drank margaritas.



Then we strolled the streets until we came upon The Taproom. 160 beers on tap. Did I mention we like beer? We settled in at the Taproom around 9:30. We were still there at midnight….

I’d never had beer in a glass like this.

I was having such a good time. A little tipsy, a lot happy, thrilled to be out of town without any responsibility. Happy to be with Blue Eyes. It couldn’t have gotten any better.

But then it did. Get better.

He said “this has been the very best year of my life and I thought it fitting to end it on a high note.” I started coughing about this time and turned away from him (I’d had an icky cold for awhile). When I stopped coughing and turned back towards him I noticed the goofy grin on his face first and then I saw he was holding the ring. THE RING! I was totally surprised. And speechless. Me. Speechless. If you know me you KNOW that’s almost impossible, but he did it.



I said yes.


So it’s all official and we are engaged.

I think it’ll be a long engagement but we’ll see. He wants what I want. That’s all.

I was on Match.com for three weeks before I hid my profile. Blue Eyes got in under the wire. I almost didn’t go out with him because the day before I had gone out with a grade A jerk and I was a little sketchy about the whole online dating thing. Then I got freaked out because he liked me too much and so I pushed him away to date other people and met another jerk. That’s when I decided I just wanted to sleep with men without commitment. Did that for awhile with a young guy I had nothing in common with but the sex. All the while Blue Eyes waited patiently for me to figure it out. He let me figure out, on my time, that he is a good guy. That he is the right guy. That he is everything I want.

The train ride home was a happy one. I see good things in the future.


Merry Christmas!!


Just popping in to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and an exciting and fun end to this year and the most spectacular 2014 imaginable!!

Blue Eyes and I are headed to Seattle for a few days for our own little holiday.

I’m still running, but only for my own personal pleasure. I will start the year running a 5k at midnight on NYE and then we’ll see what’s up for the year.

Despite the bullshit inherent in life, things are pretty spectacular. This has been a good year, (but that’s another post), and I am beyond excited for 2014.

I wish you all the best!


Hello Peeps!  Miss me?  Yeah, I thought not.

Life is busy — it’s picking up a ridiculous momentum that I can’t quite figure out, but I’m happy, so really there’s nothing to worry about.

Hadn’t been running much.  Well, that’s not true.  I’d been running, but not very far.  I’d just run when I felt like it, for however far I felt like running.  I made the decision not to run any more races this year after that horrid Marathon in June.  I felt like I needed to take “training” pressure off of me because I half ass train as it is and the pressure just made me feel guilty and I just wanted to remember that I just love to run, because I love to run.  That’s all.

So that course of action was going along fine, keeping me busy, allowing me time to go to Bikram pretty regularly, lift weights three times a week, throw in a kick boxing workout here and there.  Shit, I even did  a step aerobics work out that I hadn’t done in YEARS.  Kicked my ass pretty good.  All this because I scaled back the running.

Then the Portland Marathon happened.  A fellow blogger, who I shall now refer to as my “friend” since we’ve met (:)), came from Texas to run it.  Blue Eyes and I went out to Mile 21 to cheer her on.  I hadn’t been to a marathon since that horrid previously mentioned one.  Watching the runners with less than 5 1/2 miles to go, run by with smiles on their faces affected me.  It made me want to run another marathon.

It was odd to be standing out there with a sign made especially for a friend I’d never met, waiting patiently (while loudly cheering for everyone who passed by) for her to run by.  I’d only seen her in pictures on her blog.  Wasn’t sure I’d recognize her.  Didn’t know which side of the street I should be standing on, which side she’d be running on.  Didn’t want to miss her, but wasn’t sure I’d know if I had!  How’s that for an interesting afternoon?

As it turned out we were on the right side of the street, and knowing her bib number and how fast she was planning to run helped us NOT miss her.  She zoomed by, saw her sign, smiled, and made some comment about dying, but DAMN was she fast.  She ran that fucker in 3:33 and qualified for Boston.  I was very happy to have been there to cheer her on.

After the marathon Blue Eyes and I met her and her husband at a bar for beer and food.  While she was walking a little slow she was in fine form after running a marathon and it was a pleasure to spend the time with them.  Here is a picture of us her husband took.  Doesn’t she look great?!


Anyway I started thinking about marathons and while I will not be running anything more this year, this year is almost over.  So I’m looking toward 2014.

I’m 98.9% positive I will run the Vancouver USA Marathon on June 15, 2014 — but I’ve been looking at a couple others.  I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but I think June is a good goal.  Vancouver was my first marathon and while I’m not one who likes to run the same thing twice, I think since it was my first I’d like to see how much better I can do.  We’ll see.

More recently, I injured myself and couldn’t run, do yoga or lift weights for 10 days.  It sucked ass, quite frankly, and to add insult to injury I had the entire week off from work!  On Wednesday (day 6 of NO exercise) I took my mother to Forest Park and we hiked about 5 miles up to Pittock Mansion and back.  It was not what I wanted to do, but it did make me feel like less of a lump.

Injury has healed, however, and I’m 100% and released to run, lift and do yoga.  Yay!  I ran three miles yesterday and four today and it was heavenly.  HEAVENLY!  I’ll be going to yoga on Wednesday night if I can swing it and then again on Sunday.  I’m volunteering at Autumn Leaves 50k/50m on Saturday morning.  It’s my third year in a row volunteering and I love it.  My volunteer position is at the front gate giving parking passes to the runners and volunteers.  While I have to be there at 4:45 a.m., my shift is over at 7 — and I get to say Hello to all the runners and wish them good luck – I know many of them so it makes it that much better.

Thought I’d be running the 50 miler this year, but I have to say I’m glad I removed that from my agenda.  I’d likely be a basket case right now.  Next year may just be my 50 mile year.  We’ll see.

In other news my youngest son is thriving as a freshman in high school and has a girlfriend.  While my oldest son had may friends who were girls, he made it completely through high school without a girlfriend so I have no experience with this.  The cute couple went to Homecoming together, and she comes to my house after school so they can “study” — (I find myself knocking and opening his bedroom door without waiting for a response just to see what they’re REALLY doing, but all I get is studying) — he’s gone to dinner with her and her parents (my picky child ate fondue!) and he took her to dinner at Red Robin for their “one month anniversary”  — I told him he needed to get a job.   Girlfriends are expensive!  Here are a couple pictures from Homecoming.




The oldest had his court hearing with respect to the St. Patrick’s Day party, finally.  He pleaded to noise disturbance and got a $250 fine, and he pleaded to not cooperating with a police officer and got divergence for that.  He has to walk a straight and narrow line for six months, pay a $250 fine, do 20 hours of community service and attend a sentencing hearing and all other charges will be dropped.  It was an expensive lesson and I hope he learned it.  Only time will tell, however.

Blue eyes and I are talking about marriage.  Yeah, really.  Not going to happen soon.  He knows my time frame for marriage falls after the kid graduates from high school.  44 months from now (yeah, I’m counting).  But the truth is I WANT to marry this man.

We looked at rings together.  That’s a big step, wouldn’t you think?  It’s even bigger than you think, since money, as in a deposit, was actually put down on a ring.

I reminded him that even though things aren’t happening conventionally, he still has to officially ASK me to marry him — he says he knows and he will, so now I’m trying not to wait and expect.  Ha ha ha.  Yeah, if you know me at all you know that’s a stretch.  But I’m coping.  I’m pretty sure he’s going to wait til he gets the ring in his hand.  I’ll keep you posted.

I think that’s it people.  I hope you’re all well.  I’ve been keeping up on the blogs as best I can.  Jon and Liana are getting ready for the NY Marathon in two weeks, exciting.  Becelisa is getting ready for Marine Corp Marathon THIS WEEKEND.  Rocks has been quiet (yes, I notice).  The Dancing Runner still has unimaginable energy every-single-day!  Wendy Spin has been writing some amazing blog posts about self image, reality and training.  I love this woman and wish I lived in Colorado so she could be my FRIEND.  Seriously.  She’s the real deal.  No bullshit.

All this to say I may not write often, or comment, or “like” a post, but I’m reading.

Take it easy, and be well!!

Bikram Choudhury

On Saturday I tried something I’d been incredibly curious about for the last year (at least).

Bikram Yoga.

Yoga itself is something I’ve only just begun to accept as okay.  I was raised by a pair of free-love, marijuana-smoking, hippie types in Berkeley, California and since my mother never shaved any part of her body, invited strangers into our home on the regular and practiced yoga – I discounted it as hippie hoo-ha and refused to even consider it.

Things change.

I’m 47 years old, my hippie parents are even older and while they still have some hippie traits about them, I can’t deny they are incredibly educated (both are now retired attorneys) and my mother, who sometime over the last 20 years started shaving her legs and underarms, is a pretty fit “old lady” who I love and adore more than most.

All this to say Yoga was back on the table as “possibly acceptable.”

I bought P90X for my son a few years ago and when he quit acting like he was going to use it, I used it and fell in love with it.  I did the whole P90X thing from beginning to end a couple of times EXCEPT I skipped the yoga.  Wasn’t interested.  Guess 44 wasn’t old enough to appreciate change.

Then the last time I started the rotation I decided to give the yoga my time and I loved it.  Loved it.  It calmed me after an awful day at work, took stress away without much effort and let me just focus on me, my breathing and my poses.  Magical.  Kind of like running, except I can do it in the evening.

Rolling back up to how I started this, I’ve been curious about Bikram yoga for a while because, well, yoga isn’t easy.  If you’ve never done it you may think that it is, but it isn’t.  And doing it in a hot room seems crazy.  Still I was intrigued.

I’m a little neurotic about cleansing toxins from my system on the regular.  I’m a little neurotic about what I’m eating, why I’m eating it, where it comes from, is it organic, will it harm me to eat it, etc.

I’m a vegetarian all the time, a vegan most of the time and a raw foodist a good portion of the time.   Because I’m neurotic.  And well, yeah, maybe because I was raised by hippies, one of which is a woman who chose 12 years ago not to do chemo when she had breast cancer and instead healed herself (and is currently cancer free) with a raw food diet.  Yeah, that may have something to do with it.

So my mother and I just went through the ten day Master Cleanse.  If you’re not familiar with the Master Cleanse you live ten days on a lemonade concoction of lemon juice, water, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  No food.  It’s hard, it’s easy, and it’s boring.  That’s what it really is.    But I do it regularly because I’m neurotic and I always feel good on the other side, like I’ve pushed an internal reset button.

Friday was day 10 of the cleanse.  Friday I asked my mother if she wanted to go to a Bikram Yoga class with me on Saturday morning.  She did her research about it (because she’s retired, and used to be an attorney and is all about research) and when I came home on Friday she said “hell yeah” she wanted to do the Bikram, it was all about releasing toxins from the body with the heat, etc., and would be a nice complement to coming off the cleanse.  Well alrighty then.

Day 11 of the cleanse does not find you eating, by the way.  Day 11 and Day 12 you simply get to drink fresh squeezed orange juice instead of lemonade.

Saturday morning at 6:40 we were at the studio.  Filled out the paperwork, made our way into the room.  Put our mats down and laid down in Savasana.  As I laid there in the 105 degree room with 40% humidity I thought, hmm, I am not a fan of heat, but this isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

When the instructor came in and we started moving through the 26 poses I wanted to slap myself.  105 degrees with 40% humidity is fine when you’re lying on your back breathing, but the second you start twisting your body all around in a room with 30 other people it’s cruel and unusual.

But when those 90 minutes were over I had to admit that I enjoyed it far more than I expected to and I looked at my mother and said “same time tomorrow?”  And she said “hell yeah!”  So there we were on Sunday, Day 12 of no food, sweating more than I ever thought humanly possible through 90 of the longest minutes of my life, but again, when it was over I was happy to have done it.

It’s an experience like no other.

A weird experience.

Now, a day later, I’m eating (raw) food again and life is generally back to normal, but I can’t deny that I’m looking forward to next Saturday’s class.  I’m thinking it might feel different after a week back on this thing we call “food.”

Bikram and I have a relationship now and I’m interested to see where he takes me.



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